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Most responsive to change..

Ian is also an exceptional coach.  He uses his vast experience and level-headed, considered approach to get the best out of people.  He is able to provide feedback, both positive and negative, in a way that is optimally tuned for the particular individual. Ian also likes to ‘get stuck in’ – he is quite prepared to take delivery responsibility for projects and deliver them in a hands-on approach, even running Scrum teams personally when required to get the message across. 

― Stephen Long OBE, Managing Director, KCOM

The work Bigagility has done on opening up Agility for our company has been exceptional. Ian and his associates are at the top of their field.

― Bredan O’Keef

ThemeparkKanban is a brilliant Game, full of invention and surprises. That you can have this much fun learning such useful ways of working in Agile is brilliant

Recent UK Student using ThemeparkKanban

Helping through change

One division of our work is to consult at large companies undergoing sometimes radical transformation. Ian has a unique bled of experience and training that allows him to see agility but also the pressures and mindset needed for C suite level jobs. Click above to find out more

Webinars and Talks

Our CEO is a regular Webinar and Podcast producer and contributer, and along with colleges is a regular conference speaker. Click above for the details

Games and Training

Bigagility games are very pleased to introduce their new Kanban Training Game. Click above to find out more